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At present, the Company has 12 SAWH pipe production lines, and a cutting-edge tack and final welding pipe production line. In addition to advanced production equipment and leading technology, we also established a full-scale quality assurance system. Our manufacturing process combined high-speed tack welding and low-speed final welding. The maximum speed reached by tack welding is 10m/min, which highly improves our production efficiency. Our manufacturing process can eliminates the tensile stress of weld seam during pipe forming and submerged arc welding, which effectively improves the quality of our products. Our manufacturing equipment for final welding equipped with high intelligent digital welding power supply to achieve automatic production, and effectively control the weld reinforcement and weld appearance quality. With strong capabilities in researching, developing and manufacturing oil and gas transmission welded pipes with large diameter, higher grade, higher thicknesses and high performance, we are able to provide domestic and international customers with series of high quality SAWH products.

Outside Diameter: φ219.1-φ2200mm (8.625" – 86.614")
Wall Thickness: 5.6-25.4mm (0.219" – 1.000")
Length: 8.0-15.0m (0.315"– 0.591")
Grade: A-X120
Quality Standards: Abide by domestic and international standards, including GB、API、ISO、EN、BS、DIN、CSA、ASTM、DNV, and also provide customized products to fulfill clients’ technical requirements.
Annual Production
1,450,000 tonnes

SAWH Specifications